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The Magicians on SyFy

I hope Lev Grossman is right because The Magicians series is one of my favorite stories and I really really want to like the teevee series.  The pilot is up on Youtube – the series starts on January 25th.

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David Bowie 1947 – 2016

David Robert Jones died yesterday at age 69 — which seems way too young.  I had no idea he was fighting liver cancer (which is reported as the cause of his death).  I wouldn’t say Bowie is my favorite artist ever but you couldn’t help but be impressed by the vitality of his career.  I have favorite songs from all parts of his career but a fondness for the overlooked stint with Tin Machine.

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Comix TALK archives back on the web

I ported a good bit of the ComixTALK database from Drupal to WordPress and put it back up on the web. Of course there are numerous broken bits and ragged edges on the thing but it’s nice to have the archives in public again. That project lasted just about ten years and while I am probably not going to jump into writing there right now, now I can if I have the time and desire.

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MIT Media Lab Overview

An interview with Joi Ito and Nick Negroponte looking back at the amazing inventions that have come out of MIT’s multi-disciplinary Media Lab.

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2015: Year in Movies

Two Best of Trailers Mashups:

And David Erlich’s Countdown of the 25 Best Films of 2015:


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