Back to School Back to Work Back to Life?

Being a dad is pretty great really.  But this post isn’t really about that so much as having kids reimposes the timing of the school year back on your life.  It’s not exactly the same as being a student yourself, but being the parent of students gives you a similar yearly cycle with the firm markers of summer vacation beginning and ending, certain standard holiday weeks for “Winter Holidays” and “Spring Holidays” and the progression of classes throughout Fall and Spring semesters.

You go to work, most jobs you don’t get summer vacation off, but for me the summer has always been a time of vacations, and increased distractions from the grind of larger projects that make up my work life.  And then you hit Labor Day weekend and you try to get back into whatever it is that needs to get done.  I’m not sure I have a larger point here other than I am feeling the change of seasons this week (although not the weather, if anything the humidity got worse this week) and whatever that means I need to get on with whatever comes next.

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