Reading Comics!

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Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, is dang good.  Just missed this when it came out but glad I grabbed a copy of the collected series.  The structure of it is really interesting – -I guess the structure of the … Continued

10 Years of ACT-I-VATE Comix

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A little sad to realize ACT-I-VATE Comix is busted.  The website – – is still there but all of the images are broken.  It’s too bad – the webcomics collective, started by Dean Haspiel, brought together an amazing collection … Continued

Big F*ing Hammer

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Stumbled on to this new comic (through which is really well drawn.  It’s a bit of a predictable coming-of-age superhero-ish plot but it does have lots of odd touches, including the protagonist barfing up a very big hammer (hence … Continued

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