Clash of Civilizations

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I have a love hate relationship with the game Civilization. The current version is Civ 5 and coincidentally I’ve been playing a bit of it this summer too.  It does lend itself to some historical mismatches from time to time … Continued

Tropes in Distress

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This first entry in The Tropes vs Women in Video Games project from Anita Sarkeesian (successfully funded on Kickstarter) covers “damsels in distress” and is quite good: We all grew up with videogames and while I don’t think any of it controls anyone’s … Continued

Three Panel Soul

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Matt and Ian are webcomic pioneers and their second webcomic, Three Panel Soul is an impressionistic chronicle of twenty-something post collegiate life.  A little bit of relationships, a little bit of work, mix in some video-games and other cultural bits, … Continued

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