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Maybe Joe Sill Should Do a Star Wars movie?

This unlicensed, not authorized short film from Joe Sill is really, really good.  Sill is a professional director so it’s not entirely surprising that the film looks so good but he also gets pretty naturalistic performances from all three main characters (Kara, her Dad and the X-Wing Pilot).

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The Magicians on SyFy

I hope Lev Grossman is right because The Magicians series is one of my favorite stories and I really really want to like the teevee series.  The pilot is up on Youtube – the series starts on January 25th.

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2015: Year in Movies

Two Best of Trailers Mashups:

And David Erlich’s Countdown of the 25 Best Films of 2015:


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Oingo Boingo: Danny Elfman

The artistic genius, the driving force, the hub of Oingo Boingo is unquestionably Danny Elfman.  Others made key contributions to the sound of the band but there would be no oingo in the boingo with Elfman. He put out a solo album which for all intents and purposes is another Oingo Boingo album.

The fact that the theater troupe transformed into the rock band and then ended before it faded away is all due to Elfman. Maybe a little bit to Tim Burton who hired him to score Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and then went on to work with him on most of Burton’s movies.  Success as a soundtrack composer certainly contributed to Elfman closing the chapter on Oingo Boingo and pop music.  Elfman has since contributed to a number of movie and television soundtracks — some of which is collected on Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 1.

Here’s an interview around the release of Sam Raimi’s Darkman right were Elfman was making the transition from Oingo Boingo to composer.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but he’s been nominated and won a number of awards for his work scoring projects: 4 Oscar nominations; 1 Annie win; 1 Emmy win and another nomination; 1 Grammy and 10 other nominations.  It’s almost to the point where he will almost certainly be remembered first and foremost for his move and television scoring and his pop career will come second.

He did do a bunch of interviews when a 25 year anniversary of Oingo Boingo collection came out.

I don’t know much about his private life.  Obviously his brother Richard Elfman was an early collaborator.  He is the uncle of actor Bodhi Elfman, who is married to actress Jenna Elfman.  He has been married to Bridget Fonda since 2003.

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Oingo Boingo: The Mystic Knights Of

The pop band Oingo Boingo started off an basically an experimental avant garde theatre troupe called the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.  When I was growing up I just missed this phase of the band and in the pre-Internet era tracking down “knowledge” of all aspects of the band was not just a badge of your “fandom” of the band — it was hard.  I’ve learned a thousand times more about the history of the band in the last 10 years then I ever did in the moment back then.

Pictures and music of them playing in clubs from Tom Sewell:

This youtube channel also has a ton of their performances posted.  There are two performances that fully capture what I imagine this part of the band history.  One, Danny Elfman’s brother Richard Elfman made a bizarre film called The Forbidden Zone that featured a lot of the Mystic Knights in it (as well as their music) and two, believe or not, they were on the Gong Show as contestants.  If you are too young to remember this show it was mostly a proto-version of those early American Idol episodes where they feature bad performers. Well not exactly — it was more like the variety show that is America’s Got Talent.  Just much weirder talents on display.  Here’s is it:

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