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RIP Sir Terence David John “Terry” Pratchett, OBE (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015). Forty one Discworld novels have been published.  Within Discworld, Pratchett weaved a narrative with many different characters that each had their own narratives across several books.  So … Continued

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I just finished Aurora, the latest novel from Kim Stanley Robinson.  Kim Stanley Robinson is a writer of hard science fiction who brings logical, methodical extrapolation to any topic he ponders.  He is, despite all of that, a fairly poetic … Continued

Codex by Lev Grossman

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A brief entry — I just finished reading Lev Grossman’s second novel Codex — the one he wrote before beginning the Magicians trilogy. It’s plot is an interesting, if not terribly new idea — a quest for secret knowledge hidden … Continued

Writing a Novel

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So NaNoWriMo is coming up in November.  Is it NaNo-RYE-Mo or NaNo-RHEE-Mo?  I’ve always said “rye” myself.  I have started and flailed several efforts at cranking out a horrible first novel so why not try again?  I’m “cheating” in the … Continued

The Magicians Trilogy

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Lev Grossman has written three Magicians books about Quentin Coldwater, Brakebills Academy and the magical land of Narnia Fillory. (By the way you can buy a print of the image above here)  The first novel, The Magicians, took familiar tropes … Continued

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