Exactly What Is It That Birds Know?

What Birds Know is a creepy, coming-of-age webcomic that’s updated for something like 7 years or so now.  I reviewed it enthusiastically for ComixTalk many years ago and just started catching back up on it on Comic Rocket. Starting over, I remember why I liked it, it starts off in a fantasy, medieval village where three young friends have been assigned a field trip to collect 100 mushrooms for their school.  The opening scene of them collecting their stuff, saying goodbye to family shows so much about the three main characters without the need for clumsy telling. It’s quite good – a textbook example of how to open a story well.

As they make their way out into the countryside, some odd but still normal things happen. That is until this scene about 100 or so comic into the archives when Vandi appears to lay an egg.  Literally she vomits up an egg, but the point remains.  That’s weird!  And yet, still part of the building, gradual descent into this world that the webcomic takes the reader on.

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