Jamie Noguchi on how to build an audience

Jamie Noguchi is a talented artist who has been creating his webcomic Yellow Peril for several years now.  Some realistic, practical advice in this video:

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Very nice rant! He’s completely right about selling… it’s as easy as it sounds: make something to sell and say “This is for sale.” That’s it. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few people ask me for things to buy (not enough to quit the day job, which I actually enjoy and don’t want to quit anyway). And Project Wonderful, which he mentioned, is still a great place to advertise, but some of the really big sites have pulled off so the investment sadly doesn’t go as far as it used to, but still worthwhile for those with some extra moo-lah fattening their butt pockets. A lot is of course left to chance and some people simply get lucky. But have fun most of all. If it’s not fun to do then it probably won’t be fun to make money off of, either.

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