The Magicians Trilogy

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Lev Grossman has written three Magicians books about Quentin Coldwater, Brakebills Academy and the magical land of Narnia Fillory. (By the way you can buy a print of the image above here)  The first novel, The Magicians, took familiar tropes … Continued

Bookmark: Dicebox

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Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee is The Grapes of Wrath crossed with Star Wars.  And I’ve read large chunks of it at two different times – it just doesn’t always serialize that well.  It’s definitely a story that needs to … Continued

Farewell Iain Banks

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Of all the great authors I read in the last decade or so, none seemed to possess the combination of utterly fantastic imagination and optimism in the future of humanity that Iain Banks put into his culture novels.  It was … Continued

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