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Quick think of a witty title!

Quick think of a witty title!

I strongly suspect people are going to look back on the hey-day of blogging like a strange fad that they won’t be able to fathom.  As a form it’s shattered and reconfigured in so many ways — twitter; texts; social networking; medium and other community slash platform sites just to name what popped into my head right now.

Oh and I’ve been busy.  I realize I’m talking to a relatively empty (okay completely) “room” but these Internet posts, they live forever don’t they? (Or until the hosts go bankrupt or the technology go obsolete  I suppose).

So I got a review copy from Scholastic of Star Wars Jedi Academy Return of the Padawan! by Jeffrey Brown (noted as “New York Times bestselling author” Jeffrey Brown on the cover, which is true!) which is a sequel to Brown’s Star Wars: Jedi Academy.  It’s got a quasi-comic, quasi-illustrated story format — sort of like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  It’s cute, adorable, and filled with fairly silly jokes.  It’s a good grade school book, but even older kids can appreciate Brown’s comic chops. And it’s still just fun seeing Jeffrey Brown + Star Wars (Brown has now created 4 Star Wars comics including Darth Vader and Son, and Vader’s Little Princess.)  Return of the Padawan! is due out in late July.


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