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Meta Delicious!

Is this funny even if you don’t know the history of Jon Rosenberg’s previous webcomics or some of the criticisms of certain flavors of webcomics of years gone bye?  I think so but it’s an extra layer of guacamole on the nachos of delight if you’ve traveled that journey as a long time reader.

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The First Rule of Robot Club Is

Jon Rosenberg is the finest editorial cartoonist working today:

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This is SECOND CITY!!!

Plato droppin’ science like Galileo dropped the orange:

Jon Rosenberg, cartoonist, coder, philosopher king.

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Year Without ComixTALK

The way this has shaken out it’s been the year without ComixTALK which is probably irrelevant to everyone but me.  It’s been actually pretty easy to not worry about it — I certainly wrote a lot of verbage about comics over the 00s decade and I just haven’t felt the need to tell the world what I think about comics writ large or any individual comic.  To the extent I have felt like piping up posting here has been enough for me.

I do wish I had a clone or an army to put into place the ideas I have on the backburner list to try out.  But I don’t want to get too ambitious and stretch myself thin (which I’ve done so many times before).

It’s been a crazy week — HURRICANE SUPER SANDY dumped a lot of water on the NoVA area but we came through relatively unscathed.  It’s been hard to watch how much damage was done to NY and NJ though.  Truly sad, tragic stories as well as heroism and humans being good humans to each other in adversity. I know plenty of people up there and I’m relived that those folks are okay and now I’m just hoping things get back to normal as fast as possible.

I do still read comics of course, and saw this one from Jon Rosenberg today.  Scenes from a Multiverse is a comic that uses science fiction as a glitzy, wacky bit of gauze over essentially present day stuff.  One of the best traditions of science fiction too.  Having read Jon’s comics forever and actually knowing a fair bit about him, this one is even funnier but regardless — good stuff.

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