Fund the Third Spacetrawler Book

Christopher Baldwin is running a kickstarter for the third and last book collecting his science fiction webcomic Spacetrawler.  If you’re not already reading this comic — go now.  We’ll wait.  Still here? Look Baldwin is like your favorite indy film director who has done some amazing work that you, person of taste, distinction and erudition appreciate and love.  Now he’s done a take on a genre with his same intelligent and emotionally compelling approach as always.  It’s a more accessible, more exciting and still just as much depth as his past work.

The past books looked great — I’m sure this one will too.

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Archive Crawl: Spacetrawler by Christopher Baldwin

I read Spacetrawler by Christopher Baldwin religiously for a year or so but it was another one I lost track of. It’s a great webcomic but one that might ultimately work better in longer bits. Baldwin delivers a great bite of the comic in each update but he’s also so good at working over the longer arc of his story that the deeper layers are very rewarding and it’s not something you want to read, having forgotten much of the details of the earlier bits.

So – rereading from the start; hoping to catch up to current episodes very soon.  Most of the comics have a lot of humor, Baldwin rarely goes for the biggest laugh but stays within the characters and usually paints a lot of colors from the emotional palette.  You get sincerity, morality, guilt, jealously, perversion, greed and sorrow with your jokes.

The comic below is one that truly is funny, building on a string of jokes in the preceding updates, but also ends on a really terrifying left turn.  Baldwin handles this all amazingly.

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