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So yeah Warren Ellis has written a metric ton of comics, but only two prose novels: Crooked Little Vein and Gun Machine.  Crooked Little Vein was a blast of weirdness, weird subcultures and hypnotic conspiracy building that if you had the stomach for was your favorite book that year.  Gun Machine, relatively,  feels far more straightforward.  It’s still strapped to a framework of something deep and deeply weird, messing with history and detective stories in interesting ways.

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Three Panels Open

In addition to being an immensely talented writer, Warren Ellis is an immensely generous person.  He’s created countless opportunities to pass on the work of other creators to his own base of fans and readers.  Three Panels Open is another idea in that vein:

THREE PANELS OPEN is an open invitation.  Perhaps you’d like to do one.  A comic that is three panels in duration and 640px wide.  I’m only going to run the ones I like best, I’m afraid. However, there’s no time limit on submissions.  You can email the image to warrenellis@gmail.com, and please include your name and the website and/or twitter account you’d like it to be associated with.

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