The Guilded Age is a better title than the Whoring Twenties (Sided Dice)

Who else reads Guilded Age?  I do.  Phil “KAAAAAHN” Kahn and T “U” Campbell have put out a pretty amusing buddy/group action comedy for a a bunch of years now. Yes it’s set in a medieval, slightly Dungeons & Dragons-ish setting but it’s basically the Wild Bunch (or maybe the Dirty Dozen) stretched out into an AMC length teevee series. It’s a fun webcomic.

There’s also a meta-story that intrudes on things now and then — something about the whole of the Guilded Age being part of an online game gone amuck or something. No offense to Phil or T but I don’t really get what that’s supposed to be about, so for now I’m basically, mostly, ignoring it.  Maybe at some point it will come into focus?

The archives are deep at this point (21 chapters in the book) but it’s broken up into fairly self-contained chapters so an archive binge can be set up as a number of large chunks to read.

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