Marvel movies and teevee series have become enormous in their scope raising all kinds of questions of how they all fit into a shared universe and more importantly, what order to watch everything in. Luckily others have done all of that work already — CNET, Collider, and Fandom Marvel Wiki all have put together comprehensive lists of the movies, shows and shorts in chronological order. To … Continue reading THE MARVEL MOVIE UNIVERSE

Predictions, Expertise and Shaping the World

I just read this story on a decade-long public bet that Warren Buffet made against an investment fund guy.  Buffet bet that over ten years an index fund would out-perform managed funds.  I think the main argument here is basically compound interest in action — the higher level of fees paid out in a managed fund inherently cripples it level of return against a low … Continue reading Predictions, Expertise and Shaping the World