Using Drupal to Publish Webcomics

Drupal really missed the boat in not more actively supporting webcomics a few years ago and now WordPress with the help of the very effective Comicpress theme has taken a huge chunk of that market share.  If you’re starting from scratch WordPress + Comicpress is a great way to get going. But for me I decided this year I was going to put everything I did on Drupal … Continue reading Using Drupal to Publish Webcomics

Sita Sings the (C) Blues

Nina Paley’s animated Sita Sings the Blues looks amazing (all I’ve had a chance to see is the trailer though) but who knows when any of us will get to see due to copyright issues with the song compositions (not the performances – they are in the public domain).  Check out more details on Nina’s blog here and watch the interview below to get the … Continue reading Sita Sings the (C) Blues