The 2005 Digital Strips Interview

For the historical record:  I was interviewed by Zampson and Daku for the original version of Digital Strips back in 2005 — the only time I’ve been on a podcast. I had this on in the background all morning.  One – hope I apologized to Kelly back then about talking so much (I think I had a hard time hearing her on the internet call we did for the interview).  Two … Continue reading The 2005 Digital Strips Interview

Webcomic Merit Badges

Guest Artist Okay I get this merit badge — I did a few guest comics for others back in the last century.  The main two I remember (fondly) are one for Chopping Block and one for GPF. I just found the GPF one — it was a joke about patents!  Ha, perfect for GPF.  And jokes about patents are just as relevant today as they were in 2002. (Can’t find the Chopping Block one on google though…) Gabba Gabba … Continue reading Webcomic Merit Badges

Mashup of Annie Lennox Solo: Backwards, Forwards

Annie Lennox let DJ Earwig at her master tracks to create a single mashing-up various songs from her solo career.  The resulting single/video Backwards Forwards is really good.  You can hear the other songs in it but it’s definitely something new too. While I’m posting about mashup video I’ll sneak in here a re-post of the buzzed about clip-up video from April that takes the music mashup … Continue reading Mashup of Annie Lennox Solo: Backwards, Forwards