Webcomic Merit Badges

Guest Artist

Okay I get this merit badge — I did a few guest comics for others back in the last century.  The main two I remember (fondly) are one for Chopping Block and one for GPF.

I just found the GPF one — it was a joke about patents!  Ha, perfect for GPF.  And jokes about patents are just as relevant today as they were in 2002.

(Can’t find the Chopping Block one on google though…)

Gabba Gabba Hey

You get the webcomic merit badge Gabba Gabba Hey for joining a collective.  Hey I get this one too – I was part of Alternative Brand Studios (or Altbrand as it was known as) back in the 1999-02 years (that might be stretching the formal existence of Altbrand a bit).  All of us met making Halloween cross-over comics for the Fright Night Project, which was for several years an annual webcomic tradition.  (I ran Fright Night for most of its lifetime too – taking over from Terrence Marks who started it).

Altbrand as an active “thing” went away after a year or so of pretty active… activity from all of us.  Some of its former members are still making comics (Brad Guigar is doing fantastic work these days) and some of us aren’t at all (Adam Burke is doing funny smart stand-up comedy these days).

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