The 2005 Digital Strips Interview

For the historical record:  I was interviewed by Zampson and Daku for the original version of Digital Strips back in 2005 — the only time I’ve been on a podcast.

I had this on in the background all morning.  One – hope I apologized to Kelly back then about talking so much (I think I had a hard time hearing her on the internet call we did for the interview).  Two – the library idea did work but I pulled it down in the change from Postnuke to Drupal (I wrote that code on Postnuke) and after its test period I needed to re-do it to require less editorial work.  Three – man we still never did a print collection of ComixTalk or merchandize.  Maybe I will do that this year.

Last – hey no surprise, we talked about how ComixTalk was basically not a business and there was much foreshadowing of how hard it was too sustain and in 2006, the wheels of the first generation version of ComixTalk (then called Comixpedia) slowly came off.

It’s probably just me but I’m glad we did this interview — it’s a pretty good time capsule of the 2003-2005 period.

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