Moonlighting: Still One Of My Favorite Things

Linda Holmes of NPR writes about how the last season of Moonlighting is actually NOT evidence that resolving romance will kill a show.  In fact Moonlighting's erratic wind-down is evidence that you can't write half a season's shows focusing on the secondary characters alone (which is what they did as Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd were barely onscreen for many episodes that year).  But for the rest … Continue reading Moonlighting: Still One Of My Favorite Things

Fiction Reading This Summer

I read a bunch of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels this summer, not really in order though.  It’s just a wonderful series, funny, but a coherent enough fantasy world that you care about the stories and the characters.  I wish I’d had these to read when I was a kid. I’ve also been reading John Scalzi’s novels lately.  He’s a fairly “lite-science” science fiction writer and pretty efficient at telling … Continue reading Fiction Reading This Summer

Tomorrow is the last day of Scary Go Round

Wow – last update to Scary Go Round tomorrow.  There’s something about John Allison’s sense of humor both the words and the visuals that’s always clicked with me.  I’ve been reading his webcomic posts since the earliest days of Bobbins. Next up is Bad Machinery (or title to be named) which by all of the hints Allison has dropped will take place in the same slightly off-kilter alternate Tackleford he’s … Continue reading Tomorrow is the last day of Scary Go Round