IPO: Initial Person Offering

Somewhere between joke, art project and odd sincerity is Mike Merrill’s life as a publicly traded person with his very owner investors and stock exchange.  Kottke or Baio linked to this Motherboard profile of Merrill — it’s weird, fascinating, basically a compelling read.  Let’s put some context on this story upfront: Merrill lives in Portland. Sorry Portland, but Portlandia has given me the notion that … Continue reading IPO: Initial Person Offering

Taking the Piss Out of the Hardy Boys

Another “I’m only bringing this up because I’m re-reading comic archives” post — this one about Kate Beaton’s Mystery Solving Teens characters.  Taking a somewhat staid cultural item, whether it’s history or a fictional character or book and applying a veneer of knowing sarcasm over it is the bedrock of Beaton’s sense of humor.  She can also deftly point out the absurdities of the original … Continue reading Taking the Piss Out of the Hardy Boys

Launch of Comic Easel for WordPress

I’m not really in need of a means to post webcomics right now but if I were… I’d be pretty excited about Phillip Hofer launching Comic Easel which is a brand new plug-in built from the ground up to work with Word Press 3.0+ and any of its gazillion themes.  Hofer was the primary developer on the venerable ComicPress theme for WordPress in its later … Continue reading Launch of Comic Easel for WordPress

I Can’t Think of a New “Willis” Pun Right Now

So still playing with Comic Rocket and so far still pretty happy with it.  Of course it’s got a lot to do in terms of additional wants and needs but I’m far happier with them building a great reading/tracking tool for me than for me having to do it for myself (and considering I’ve toyed with the notion for over a year now, who knows … Continue reading I Can’t Think of a New “Willis” Pun Right Now