We Have A Hulkster

I went back to check out Mr. Hipp, the fairly impressive art and comics blog, which features a lot of comics to pop culture mashup ideas.  It’s a mainstream version of T.S. Elliott’s The Wasteland, without all of the footnotes.  Take elements, memes, from different sources and cross-pollinating them is one of the major schools of art these days.

This might be my current favorite one from Dan Hipp’s blog right now:

But it’s a current favorite.  It takes a well-known line from the very current Avengers movie and a very Eighties wrestling star to create the new punchline.  While I love the art work on all of these images, I do wonder how long and well these kind of jokes, moments, will hold up over time. Maybe they won’t at all, but that’s probably okay.  Not everything has to be anything more than momentarily great.

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