Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Another great serialized story webcomic is Kukuburi by Ramon Perez.  Funny, I’ve gravitated to three webcomics from the Transmission X collective, but not surprising as the quality of work from that group of creators is consistently strong. Kukuburi is even more impressive for the attention to full color that Perez gives it.  It’s weird too but it has a dreamlike quality that’s more Dr. Seuss … Continue reading Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Milestones: Starslip by Kris Straub

Seven years of science fiction wrapped up (for now!) with the last installment of Kris Straub’s Starslip.  That’s one I’d like to sit down an read the whole thing again.  I have been less than diligent in keeping up with it in the latter half of its run, but that had more to do with constraints on my time than any perceived diminishment of its … Continue reading Milestones: Starslip by Kris Straub

Bookmark: Sin Titulo

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is a fever dream of a webcomic.  It’s a perfectly disturbing downward spiral for the main character, Alex, who finds a photograph of his recently deceased grandfather with a young woman he doesn’t’ recognize.  Alex doesn’t realize it at first, but in looking for this woman he pulls at a thread that leads to unraveling his entire life. Stewart is … Continue reading Bookmark: Sin Titulo