Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Another great serialized story webcomic is Kukuburi by Ramon Perez.  Funny, I’ve gravitated to three webcomics from the Transmission X collective, but not surprising as the quality of work from that group of creators is consistently strong.

Kukuburi is even more impressive for the attention to full color that Perez gives it.  It’s weird too but it has a dreamlike quality that’s more Dr. Seuss than David Lynch.  Perez has created a very likable main character in Nadia.  When she’s the center of attention, the story has been compelling.  When she’s not it feels a little less interesting to me, despite the crazy, inventive, almost over-active imagination of Perez in filling out the world of Kukuburi.  One of the wildest visual images is of the flying, battle-whales.  (Battle-whales are also at the center of Scott Westerberg’s novel Behemoth.  The novel was published in 2010 so it was public after Kukuburi started, but in any event it’s probably highly unlikely it’s anything other than a coincidence.)  There’s a tremendous battle scene about half way through the current archives where Perez is just throwing an amazing amount of detail into every scene.

The pace of updates has been decidedly sporadic in the last couple of years (this year’s sole update was back in January) but it’s one I certainly hope Perez can finish.  Maybe now that we’re in a world of Kickstarters, this one would be ripe for such an approach?

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