Bookmark: Sin Titulo

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is a fever dream of a webcomic.  It’s a perfectly disturbing downward spiral for the main character, Alex, who finds a photograph of his recently deceased grandfather with a young woman he doesn’t’ recognize.  Alex doesn’t realize it at first, but in looking for this woman he pulls at a thread that leads to unraveling his entire life.

Stewart is updating it again after a hiatus and it has entered a new phase of the story.  The main character has seemingly jumped over to an alternate world that he had been having recurring flashes of throughout the story so far.  But, it’s hard to know for sure how real anything in this story ultimately is, which is a big part of its tension and the fun in reading it.

I reread this one too from the very beginning on Comic Rocket. You need a place to save your bookmark for a serialized story webcomic like this.  It was a heck of a lot more engrossing to read a lot of it all at once but I’m eager for new updates now and hope Stewart has time to keep working on it.

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