I Can’t Think of a New “Willis” Pun Right Now

So still playing with Comic Rocket and so far still pretty happy with it.  Of course it’s got a lot to do in terms of additional wants and needs but I’m far happier with them building a great reading/tracking tool for me than for me having to do it for myself (and considering I’ve toyed with the notion for over a year now, who knows if I’d ever have gotten something finished).

It’s also for better or for worse given me a great excuse to re-read some favorites.  Right now I’ve been checking out the start of Dumbing of Age, Dave Willis’ latest webcomic which features the usual mix of outlandish characters from a David Willis’ webcomic — in this case, it actually recycles quite a number of characters from his past webcomics.  It’s kind of a remake of pieces of his earlier webcomics, although my sense is only in the very loosest of sense of a remake.  Like when Will Smith did that Wild West movie or Mel Gibson was Maverick (not the Tom Cruise one either).

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