Mini-Comics in the Library Of Congress

Maybe comics still needs more popular respect as an art form (rather than as a development platform for superhero movies) but this is certainly a sign of respect from our nation’s curator of literature and culture. I don’t normally post press releases but what the hey: SPX Acquires the Dean Haspiel Collection and Other Mini-Comics for the Small Press Expo Collection at the Library of … Continue reading Mini-Comics in the Library Of Congress

Bad Machinery: Case #1

I just reread the very first “case” of John Allison’s Bad Machinery (which lasts until comic number 108).  Kind of a revelation actually — reading the whole thing from start to finish at once makes such a better experience than I remembered the initial serialization.  I liked this a lot — it totally clicked for me that this is also something my kids would really like as … Continue reading Bad Machinery: Case #1

Yeah Put ‘Em Up, Boss

Kate Beaton is known for lovingly mocking history in her webcomic Hark A Vagrant, but I think most fans appreciate the pop culture blasts too.  I’m not sure her current website archives is actually the exact order she posted things to the web but this is the first appearance of her surly, sarcastic Wonder Woman and already it’s pretty close to the definite Beaton take … Continue reading Yeah Put ‘Em Up, Boss

Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Another great serialized story webcomic is Kukuburi by Ramon Perez.  Funny, I’ve gravitated to three webcomics from the Transmission X collective, but not surprising as the quality of work from that group of creators is consistently strong. Kukuburi is even more impressive for the attention to full color that Perez gives it.  It’s weird too but it has a dreamlike quality that’s more Dr. Seuss … Continue reading Kukuburi by Ramon Perez

Milestones: Starslip by Kris Straub

Seven years of science fiction wrapped up (for now!) with the last installment of Kris Straub’s Starslip.  That’s one I’d like to sit down an read the whole thing again.  I have been less than diligent in keeping up with it in the latter half of its run, but that had more to do with constraints on my time than any perceived diminishment of its … Continue reading Milestones: Starslip by Kris Straub