Why I Also Love Reading John Scalzi

I am a big fan of John Scalzi’s science fiction stories – have been I guess since reading Old Man’s War after it got the nod for the Hugo.  But I am also a fan of what are essentially philosophical posts on his blog Whatever.  This recent post on how John succeeded in life illustrates the interconnected of almost everyone’s life (in fact a lack … Continue reading Why I Also Love Reading John Scalzi

Title Confusion: Drive

The worst thing about Drive, the recent movie with Ryan Gosling is that now we can’t have Drive a hilarious space adventure movie based on the Dave Kellett webcomic. (Okay we can still have it but we’ll have to come up with a different title, like “My Mohawk Brings All The Boys To The Yard”)  There’s something quintessentially sweet about a Dave Kellett comic — there’s … Continue reading Title Confusion: Drive

Higgs Boson was George Lucas’ first name for Han Solo

Or not. But we are either sure or almost sure depending on your standard of certainty that the Higgs Boson has been detected by CERN and therefore that we have evidence of the Higgs field, the theory that explains mass as a result of elements interaction with the Higgs field. PhD Comics has this very cool video explaining not only Higgs but several aspects of … Continue reading Higgs Boson was George Lucas’ first name for Han Solo

4th Planet from the Sun: Mars

I just finished Kim Stanley Robinson‘s 2132 so space and Mars is already on my mind.  Robinson is probably best known for his Blue/Green/Red Mars trilogy.  All of those books touch on terraforming Mars, the concept that we might alter the atmosphere — the entire planetary system — of Mars such that ultimately it could be inhabitable by humans.  Here’s a video on the idea from … Continue reading 4th Planet from the Sun: Mars