Mobile By Necessity

20120702-130436.jpgNo power for a couple of days around here which delightfully have hovered around 100 degrees – a gazillion degrees considering the yogurty humidity.

Still I was able to escape to work today and the temperature has drifted back into a saner realm.

UPDATE: Day 4 of no power.  Does this qualify as a ironically unironic first world problem?  I am camped out a Starbucks today (the indie coffee shop nearby is a little too hip and otherwise stuffed with people today) next to a table of Italians who for some reason are now and then bashing SpaIN BUT NOT for the expected reason that Spain kicked Italy all over the soccer field in the Euro 2012 Final.  And I’m wearing my Barca shirt… Hmm..

UPDATE 2: Hey we got power back this morning.  A crew all the way down from Ontario Canada fixed our broken whatever it is at the top of the utility pole and our little pocket of four houses here had power again.  Just about a week without though.  Feels a little like getting back from a poorly planned camping trip.

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