Clay Shirky on a Git-ized Government

Clay Shirky is a professor and a keen observer of how technology is changing society.  This talk at TED on how open source may change government is an interesting overview of some of the changes the Internet has already wrought and how unpredictable more changes will be to us. In particular he focuses on Git which was developed to manage the messy process of open … Continue reading Clay Shirky on a Git-ized Government

Three Panel Soul

Matt and Ian are webcomic pioneers and their second webcomic, Three Panel Soul is an impressionistic chronicle of twenty-something post collegiate life.  A little bit of relationships, a little bit of work, mix in some video-games and other cultural bits, all layered over realistic yet deeply stylized artwork and you’ve got a consistently interesting, often highly entertaining observational comic.  Frankly I wouldn’t be wrong in … Continue reading Three Panel Soul

KickStopped? When The Starting Goes Bad

Kickstarter is easily one of the bigger stories of the year in terms of Internet ecology, webcomics, even the larger arena of culture generally.  Recently there have been several stories (especially this NPR story) on what happens when a funded Kickstarter project at some later date does not deliver on its goals.  Enough bubble and squeak online that Kickstarter itself addressed the issue. I think … Continue reading KickStopped? When The Starting Goes Bad

Back to School Back to Work Back to Life?

Being a dad is pretty great really.  But this post isn’t really about that so much as having kids reimposes the timing of the school year back on your life.  It’s not exactly the same as being a student yourself, but being the parent of students gives you a similar yearly cycle with the firm markers of summer vacation beginning and ending, certain standard holiday … Continue reading Back to School Back to Work Back to Life?