I never checked out Hijinks Ensue in years past — its appearance and visibility came in a time when my webcomic reading list was overloaded, disorganized and I was in no mood to check out every new flashy bauble that came along.  Still I knew I ought look at, as it seemed plausible that I would like it.

I added it on Comic Rocket this year but I can’t do the archives, too big, too topical and sometimes FEAR OF AN ARCHIVED PLANET is what’s holding me up from actually reading the dang thing.  So I just plunged in to wherever it was at.  So far I hate to say it but I’m getting an “eh” reaction, particularly to the middling hobo storyline that read to me like the lost last Jim Belushi movie.

I’m not giving up yet. I liked this one – I’m not even a huge Doctor Who fan (yet, as I’ve not watched practically anything recent ) but you don’t even need to know that much to laugh at this:

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