Sin Titulo Finale

Cameron Stewart finished Sin Titulo this week after five years of work. I won’t say it was a perfect ending, given the ambitious reach and metaphorical nature of the story, I think it might have been impossible to construct an ending that was perfect for everyone.  It was exciting, and a bit of a twist for me at least.  It also nicely synced back up to where Stewart begun in the very first page of the comic:

Above all I really enjoyed the art work, the panel composition, the visual power that Stewart built into this work.  It’s a traditional work in the sense that it has a rigid panel to page construction but nevertheless a very exciting and powerful visual experience.

I also thought the story was exciting.  It got a bit of a Twin Peaks reputation, maybe enhanced by the stretches of inactivity in the updates on the website, but mostly because it built mystery upon mystery and one wondered how Stewart would tie it all together.  I think he did, maybe not in a way I was fully expecting but an interesting ending.

This has been one of my favorite reads over the last year, especially since I started reading it over again from the start at Comic Rocket.  I hope its collected in print, I think this is one I would be happy to pick up a dead tree version of.

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