A Review of Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology.

First off a general apology for not really keeping up with reviews or mentions of books sent to me in the last half of 2012. Life is busy and comics had to give more than a little this year. Reviewing stuff was the easiest to let go of, at least for awhile. I got a review copy in November of an anthology put together by … Continue reading A Review of Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology.

My favorite comics of early 2000

The very first website I had was on Geocities.  The next thing I did was grab the tannline.com domain which became a hub for me, family and friends to use.  One of the things I started there was the “Linkopedia of Comics” which for me is a precursor to starting Comixpedia in 2003. In early 2000, I looked up in the Wayback Machine the “hall … Continue reading My favorite comics of early 2000

Running of the Gifts: 2012

Happy Holidays to everyone.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!  Falalala Festivus! Is Darren Bleuel still celebrating Agnostica? Apparently so — Happy Agnostica!  Good cheer to all Jedi and Pastafarians  too.  Really, best wishes to everyone trying to make the world a little better. We had a nice time at the X compound today.  Parents, Parents-in-Law and extended Family-in-Law have all gathered at various times from the weekend … Continue reading Running of the Gifts: 2012

My Favorite: Movies: Nineties

Picking ten favorite movies of the nineties is kind of a ridiculous challenge now that I’ve plowed through every year.  I have a list of a hundred favorites compiled from the decade — all of which certainly are movies I love. Now that I’ve started this project, I honestly wonder how critics compile their best of lists — I suppose they are more beholden to … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: Nineties

My Favorite: Movies: 1998

I might have to take a break from this exercise, I don’t want it to devolve to far into compulsively toting up lists of not seen, top ten and other movies I’ve seen. Oh wait, that’s pretty much what these posts have been this week.  The most interesting things about looking back on a year’s worth of movies are remembering which ones you’ve definitely seen … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1998