My Favorite: Movies: 1996

1996 was my first full year on the East Coast.  I’m curious as to whether the number of movies I saw dipped dramatically as I was working long, long hours that year.

Movies that I did not see from that year: A Time to Kill; ScreamBeavis and Butt-Head Do AmericaRomeo + JulietShineThe Truth About Cats & Dogshe Long Kiss GoodnightBlack SheepThe Island of Dr. MoreauKingpinThe FrightenersSecrets & LiesBig NightMulholland Falls; 2 Days in the Valley; Hamlet; and Hard Eight.

My top ten favorites are:

  1. Fargo
  2. Flirting With Disaster
  3. The Daytrippers
  4. Trainspotting
  5. Bottle Rocket
  6. The English Patient
  7. Independence Day
  8. That Thing You Do!
  9. Swingers
  10. Mother

There were countless other good movies that year including: People Versus Larry Flint; Michael Collins; Sling Blade; Ghosts of MississippiBrassed Off; and I Shot Andy Warhol.  Two comedies I loved right up on the bubble of my top ten list: Waiting for Guffman; and The Cable Guy.

This was also the year of perhaps the movie I was most disappointed ever with, especially with my expectations for it – Mars Attacks!.  How Tim Burton bobbled this so badly I would have to re-watch it to figure out.  I just remember a massive feeling of disappointment.

There were also two Tom Cruise movies this year – Mission: Impossible and Jerry Maguire.  Both were fine but I don’t think either holds up particularly well.

I have seen Matilda and James and the Giant Peach with my kids.  We liked both a lot.

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