My Favorite: Movies: 1998

I might have to take a break from this exercise, I don’t want it to devolve to far into compulsively toting up lists of not seen, top ten and other movies I’ve seen. Oh wait, that’s pretty much what these posts have been this week.  The most interesting things about looking back on a year’s worth of movies are remembering which ones you’ve definitely seen and have some inkling of why you liked them or not versus the ones you’re only vaguely familiar with, including the ones you may have seen but can’t be sure anymore.

There are a number of movies from 1998 that I did not see but plan to put on the to-watch list: There’s Something About MaryThe Thin Red LineElizabethRoundersFear and Loathing in Las VegasApt PupilAmerican History XSlums of Beverly Hills; Pi; The Gingerbread ManHideous Kinky; and Following.

For my top ten list, it was close but I gave the first spot to Out of Sight over The Dude Abides.  Maybe I’m just being contrary or maybe it’s just because Out of Sight is such a perfect Hollywood movie.

  1. Out of Sight
  2. The Big Lebowski
  3. Shakespeare in Love
  4. The Impostors
  5. Saving Private Ryan
  6. Rushmore
  7. The Truman Show
  8. Bulworth
  9. Run Lola Run
  10. The Waterboy

Other favorite movies from that year include Sliding DoorsWaking Ned DevineThe Wedding SingerPleasantvilleRush HourLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The X Files.



12/9/12 Okay I had seen Slums of Beverly Hills when it came out — Alan Arkin is genius.

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