My favorite comics of early 2000

It's Alive! The original TannLine logoThe very first website I had was on Geocities.  The next thing I did was grab the domain which became a hub for me, family and friends to use.  One of the things I started there was the “Linkopedia of Comics” which for me is a precursor to starting Comixpedia in 2003.

In early 2000, I looked up in the Wayback Machine the “hall of fame” webcomics list I had written up on Tannline — mostly familiar names but not all.

Scott Kurtz, Chris Crosby, Ruben Bolling and Pete Abrams are all still working on the same comics.  John Allison has never stopped working but has transitioned from Bobbins to Scary Go Round to Bad Machinery.  Others though are nowhere to be seen.  Fried Society was already done when I found it online — it had run in a local Los Angeles paper before Chris Kelly has posted it on a website.  John Meyers just stopped updating one day and disappeared online.

And then Michael Stinson — at first glance at this list, he’s the only name I didn’t recognize.  And after a bit of poking around online it appears no one else recognizes the name either.  I wonder what Mr. Nice was that I at one time liked it a lot and now I, nor the Internets, can’t remember a thing about it.  All I have to go on is the brief description I wrote:

Mr. Nice is a pretty frequently updated panel cartoon about an apparently well intentioned but nevertheless utter twit.  Sometimes fairly surreal concepts take off in strange ways in a Mr. Nice panel.  Extremely well drawn (always in color) and really dementedly funny.

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