My Favorite: Movies: 1997

What was the deal with 1997?  Multiple movies about giant killer volcanoes?  Anyhow, there were only a few movies I saw on IMDb that I have not seen that seemed like ones I should try to catch: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Princess Mononoke and Donnie Brasco.  Whether that was because I saw more good movies, fewer good movies came out … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1997

My Favorite: Movies: 1996

1996 was my first full year on the East Coast.  I’m curious as to whether the number of movies I saw dipped dramatically as I was working long, long hours that year. Movies that I did not see from that year: A Time to Kill; Scream; Beavis and Butt-Head Do America; Romeo + Juliet; Shine; The Truth About Cats & Dogs; he Long Kiss Goodnight; Black Sheep; The Island of Dr. Moreau; Kingpin; The Frighteners; Secrets … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1996

My Favorite: Movies: 1993

My oldest daughter is mad at me.  She is having trouble with her homework and is asking for help but apparently I’m not helping in the “correct” way which is some mysterious approach she is not really willing to explain to me.  So instead I am working on trying to figure out my favorite movies from 1993.  Probably better for my daughter’s homework and for … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1993

My Favorite: Movies: 1990

I love lists.  I love pop culture too.  The longer you live the more interesting questions like “what’s the best movie you ever saw?” or “what’s your favorite book?” become.  Especially if you leave those questions unexamined which in the press of being an adult sometimes slides down the priority list. But I am a glutton for punishment and feeling the need to scratch some … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1990

Professor Elemental

Thanks Warren Ellis for reminding me of my second favorite nerdcore rapper.  History-nerdcore? The one I had seen earlier was Fighting Trousers which is what I imagine every British rapper dis song would be like.  I could only find three authentic Professor Elemental songs (although he did do a series for MacHeist too) — clearly not enough! 1. Fighting Trousers – still my favorite. 2. … Continue reading Professor Elemental