Weird Al Raps… Really!

I don’t know how much credit is given to him, but Weird Al basically inspired a whole musical subgenre, Nerdcore, with his parodies of rap music that focused on suburban, middle class, well nerdy, subjects. He’s had three fairly large hit songs parodying rap songs and his last one, White & Nerdy was a top ten hit, a Platinum single according to the RIAA. Amish Paradise … Continue reading Weird Al Raps… Really!

My Favorite: Movies: 1987

1987 wasn’t a bad year.  I graduated from high school and some pretty memorable movies came out. The Untouchables is easily my favorite movie from that year – a stylish dynamic crime thriller with brilliant performances from Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery and yes, Kevin Costner.  This had to have been one of Andy Garcia’s first roles, right?  Everybody in the movie is quite good.  The … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1987


I read The Gutters — I have never closely followed the “comic book” industry though so sometimes the jokes and pokes escape me. The art is almost always nicely done though! Anyhow today’s jumped out at me — I have an ongoing interest in issues related to copyright, trademark, etc (even grouping all of that together as “intellectual property” is contentious to one side of … Continue reading Guttersniping

Donuts for Lunch? Sure why not

It’s been a busy time at the x-household this weekend. Kids went rock climbing last night which went amazingly well until younger x girl bumped her chin on the wall at the last minute. She was fine but I hope it’s not the thing she remembers from the experience. Pancake breakfast this morning, sledding on the snow followed by the indoor soccer game (they won!). … Continue reading Donuts for Lunch? Sure why not

Bookmark: Fables

(Some earlier discussion of Fables in this post and this post) Fables: The Dark Ages feels like the final final to the big epic “war” storyline of the Fables comic books.  It’s a great tale, fantastic comic — anyone who enjoys playing with myth and meta-ing out on existing stories would love this stuff for sure (Like Jasper Fford? You’ll amost certainly like Fables). So … Continue reading Bookmark: Fables