Online Vs Offline Pricing

I’ve read pieces of Fables but want to read it in order all the way through.  I need Fables Deluxe Edition Two (or I’d settle for the trade paperbacks with the same issues) so I called local comic shop first.  They don’t have it in.  I looked online — Amazon is out of stock so I jumped over to Barnes and Noble online.

They have it – great!   Price online is discounted just like at Amazon.  Oh and hey – B&N has this button labeled PICK ME UP which lets you know if one of their physical stores has it in stock.  And lo and behold one nearby does.  But there’s a catch — it’s not the same price there – it’s full price at $29.99.  That’s just… weird.  Doesn’t B&N want to sell books? Why would they make me pay more if I get it at the store?  I’m sure there’s a cost-driven reason that makes sense to B&N accountants BUT it doesn’t make any sense to me as a customer.

Anyhow I got the non-deluxe trade version from Amazon instead.

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