Notes on Making a Webcomic

So I have completely forgotten most of what I used to do to make a webcomic.  I spent some quality ADD time today jumping around tutorials but mostly just dived in.  I sketched small thumbnails working out panel structure and dialogue; took photos with the iphone and loaded it up in Manga Studio to finish the sketches digitally. I definitely used to draw a larger, more detailed version on paper before scanning it in properly (with a flatbed scanner) — not sure skipping that step is saving me that much time or helping with the final product.  Chalk it up to a learning process.

I also probably shouldn’t have colored the comics at all — I know almost nothing about coloring and it shows.  But it’s fun and… chalk it up to a learning process.

Anyhow here’s the rough of the third comic (coming next week) with my digital work over the thumbnails:


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