The Science of Self-Care

I liked Corey Marie’s comic on the science of self-care.  You get closer to middle aged and you really have to be more careful about managing yourself to get anything more than just getting by done.  I like the idea of keeping an inventory of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual progress — they’re all parts of being healthy.

But it helps to be realistic, set goals you can reach (you can set stretch goals too but you’re going depress yourself if you never hit ANY of your goals).  I just saw John “Old Man‘s War” Scalzi’s post on his new year’s resolutions — I can get behind most of those.

I am definitely trying to focus again on physical health. Making sure I get enough sleep. Trying to improve my diet (I did make some progress on that last year) – better food, better choices, fewer slip-ups.  Trying to get some more and more varied exercise in on a regular basis.  I did a rope class at the rock climbing gym tonight. I need exercise that doesn’t bore me — so far the rock climbing is a lot of fun.  Trying to feed my brain with a mix of fiction and nonfiction books.  Trying to keep up my revitalized efforts to create.  I am still working on the novel I started during last year’s NANOWRIMO and right now I’m working on the webcomic I’m trying to finish up and post throughout the month of January (there’s a link to the latest one on the sidebar).

Anyhow – you should check out Corey’s comic and the rest of her site.  She used to have a couple of regularly updated webcomics, but nowadays still seems to post a lot of cool creative and artistic projects on her website.

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