Comic Stripper’s Ring

Back in the 20th century before “social media” there were still lots of tools available to cartoonists to promote their work and to help discover new comics.  Not nearly as good as the stuff we have available today but I think most of us were thrilled to have an online audience and experimenting with whatever we could to add a few readers here and there.

“Web Rings” were pretty common in the late nineties, maybe even into the early 2000s (not entirely sure when they faded). I didn’t start the Comic Stripper’s Ring (so don’t blame me for the bad pun!) but did manage it for awhile after the founder handed it off to me. I doubt I got much traffic from it but I did meet Boxjam B. Boxjam through it — he was my “neighbor” in the ring.

comicstripiconThis Comic Stripper’s Ring site is owned by Xaviar Xerexes
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