Online Versus Offline Pricing, Part 2

So I am reading the amazing comic epic Fables in order, which has totally sucked me in (which is great because when I picked up a random issue awhile ago I didn’t get it/like it). I already blogged about my efforts to buy an earlier part of the archives. Next book on my list to read is Fables: Homelands which is the 6th volume in the tradebook collections.

The X-family got a mini iPad this Christmas so I thought it might be fun to read some Fables on the iPad. It looks like it is only available on Comixology as individual issues. Comixology does show me all of the issues associated with the Homelands story arc – so nice presentation feature there. $2 a digital issue isn’t actually all that bad a price for a digital version of a new comic, obviously creators need to be paid to make cool stuff. I am surprised, however, that there’s no “digital” collection version that mirrors the trade book collection, nor any kind of pricing strategy like iTunes “complete your album” but I’m not distraught over it. I’m happy enough comics has finally started to honestly embrace the digital format and online distribution.

But I’m not going to ignore Amazon. I can get the print collection for $10.19 from Amazon versus $15.92 for all of the digital issues combined. Amazon wins again.

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