I read The Gutters — I have never closely followed the “comic book” industry though so sometimes the jokes and pokes escape me. The art is almost always nicely done though!

Anyhow today’s jumped out at me — I have an ongoing interest in issues related to copyright, trademark, etc (even grouping all of that together as “intellectual property” is contentious to one side of the argument) so I really liked the artwork today and the concept Jim Zubkavich put together.  I’m not even sure exactly what point Jim is making since the “punchline” about torrenting is kind of submerged at the end.  A plea for letting 1960s’ era characters die in favor of new ideas?  I’m not trying to be dismissive — the comic is making a lot of possible points here which is MORE THAN OKAY and really anything that stops you in your webcomic trawl to ponder it is a SUCCESS.

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