Bookmark: Faith Erin Hicks

I am a fairly big fan of Faith Erin Hicks’ comics. She got her start in pure webcomics but has since migrated to the webcomic collected into graphic novel approach. That approach is favored by several publishers now, including  her most recent publisher First Second Books.   She was recently interviewed on a Boing Boing podcast which is worth listening to.

A lot of Hicks’ work is all from her but more recently she has collaborated with other creators on graphic novels, including Brain Camp, where she provided the art to a story by Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan; and the very recent Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, written by Prudence Shen.

My first exposure to Hicks’ work was Ice, which is still not finished, a victim of her increasingly in-demand status for publishers’ projects. I have never read her freshman effort, Demonology 101 but have it on the to-read list.

I loved Zombies Calling, and enjoyed The War at Ellsmere. I never finished Friends with Boys so I’m rereading it right now.  I’ve also been reading the web serialization of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong which will ultimately be published on paper later this year.

Hicks’ also snuck in a charming low-key comic called Superhero Girl that she started for a local newspaper but has since put on hold. I hope she is able to do something more with it at some point.


  • Demonology 101 (webcomic, August 1999 – June 2004)
  • Zombies Calling (November 2007)
  • The War at Ellsmere (December 2008)
  • Friends with Boys (February 2012)
  • The Adventures of Superhero Girl (February 2013)


  • Ice
  • Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong


UPDATE March 30, 2013:  I bought a copy of The Adventures of Superhero Girl published by Dark Horse this month.  Really nicely done edition — with the comics in full color (coloring done by Cris Peter) and an introduction by Kurt Busiek.

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