So the first episode of the webcomic reality show where there is a contest with not only a winner but a loser.  Today’s contest, as teased last time, is designing a t-shirt. First prize is getting the t-shirt produced and placed in the Penny Arcade store; winner keeps the profits.  Seriously — nice prize and you could tell the contestant were happily surprised to hear it.

I have to say; the producers of the show made watching 12 people sketch a t-shirt way more exciting than I would have predicted.  The show is well done.  The staff from Penny Arcade judging the t-shirt designs were interesting, personable — I like the fact that Penny Arcade, inc. is essentially offering up everyone in the organization a role on this show.

So spoilers?  Yeah spoilers ahead.  Don’t wander too far below the video of this episode if you don’t want to read the spoilers.

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