Strip Search: This One Goes To 11

Wow – very entertaining episode. Jerry and Mike strike a nice balance as judges between honesty and encouragement.  As usual – spoilers after the break.

Really not much in the way of spoilers — Katie stays; Alex goes home.  The elimination contest was to create a comic based on two words drawn from “the trash can of lost ideas” or well something like that.  Katie’s take on it was funny; Alex’s was an unfinished concept. Katie definitely deserved to stay.

The guys were nice to Alex afterwards – telling him they reminded them of themselves when they started Penny Arcade. Probably some truth to that development wise, but times are very different now than the late nineties. In the late nineties I could get away with being a crappy artist with often unpolished ideas in my comics (heck I even got a link out from Jerry for a Half Life homage comic); now not so much.  The web has been explored, farmed, plowed, etc. I do think it’s great to give folks encouragement but an artist starting out now is really not ever going to be in the same place as Mike was; that ship has sailed on.

So what about our unofficial Power LIST? Well let’s move Katie up a whole bunch and really after that everyone else is probably in a six-way tie for now.

  1. Erika Moen: webcomic badass
  2. Maki Naro: holder of the REDRAW pass
  3. Amy Falcone: winner of the T-SHIRT design contest
  4. Katie Rice: won the first elimination contest
  5. Everybody else

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