In Which I Interview Strip Search

So first Strip Search episode I didn’t actually think much of. The premise of an “interview” challenge wasn’t bad but it felt poorly executed. First off a whole bunch of journalism is done via email these days (or on twitter, dispensing with journalist altogether) so I wonder about the applicability of the whole on-camera aggressive questioning situation.

Yes an artist, a business dude, these are roles where you need to handle your public role. But for the most part you are a blip in the vast roiling media sea these days and your skill set here should be based on learning to attract attention to yourself for the right reasons. By the time you face hostile questioning from an ill-informed reporter (I.e. a reporter who hasn’t bothered to understand who you are and what you’re about) you are probably already as “made it” as you can in comics. (None of this is to slight the real reporter playing the role of the reporter for this reality show. I think she did the best she could with how the show set the scenario up)

I would have been much more entertained and I think the show would have more realistically challenged the contestants by telling them to come up with how they would promote themselves on a budget. How would you jujitsu the media into getting your name and your work out there.

So that’s that. I have no idea why the winner won and even less of a clue why the two losers were picked by the winner. Still the first draw off show was a good one, so I expect this next elimination contest will be a better episode than this interview contest episode.

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