Even Dave Grohl thinks Foo Fighters is a dumb name for a band

Really cool speech from Dave Grohl at this year’s SXSW – check it out at the NPR website (doesn’t seem to be a way to embed the video).  Grohl has been busy – working on a new Foo Fighters album, and the documentary he did on the Sound City recording studio where Nirvana’s Nevermind album was recorded. I just drove by this which is the title … Continue reading Even Dave Grohl thinks Foo Fighters is a dumb name for a band

Strip Search Recap: Tweet This Kurtzie!

Episode Eight is called Drawing Blind and involved a contest where the contestants paired up and then each had to draw a picture they couldn’t see but that their partner described with words. Is this at all relevant to making webcomics? I guess a little — working with a writer or just two or more creators collaborating would need to share ideas. Words do help but I imagine most creators do like to share thumbnail sketches.  The results of this contest are pretty good evidence that words alone are not enough for a good working webcomic collaboration.

Nevertheless per the Strip Search format, someone has to win this contest!  

Lots more spoilers for this episode and the next episode with Scott Kurtz after clicking “read more”!

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Wrangling the Family Photo Collection

I grew up with film not digital cameras.  My whole life has been a constant stream of changes so I’m never surprised at how different things are from childhood to adulthood but it doesn’t make it any easier. Families stored all kinds of FILM capturing memories when I was a kid. That doesn’t mean anything anymore. I do have stuff in boxes but it’s an … Continue reading Wrangling the Family Photo Collection