Strip Search Recap: Down to Seven

Today’s episode was Maki versus Amy.  Two good comics; only one really nails the ideas of Mermaid and Ukelele selected from the wastebasket of ideas.

Spoilers after the jump!

Maki wins; Amy goes home.  Mike and Jerry give Maki some grief for “over-working” the joke and their feedback is that Maki’s comic would have been much better without text on the last two panels. Maki’s art was Perry Bible Fellowship-level awesome and he definitely came up with a comic that really riffed on the mermaid and ukelele ideas.  Amy’s was good too although I didn’t laugh like I laughed when I looked at Maki’s so I would have picked Maki’s comic too even if Amy’s comic had really incorporated mermaids into it.

It is surprising that no one on the show has made any effort to play the game — I wonder if they run another season of Stripshow whether the contestants will be more nakedly cutthroat about sending their best rivals to the elimination zone.

Last time I had Amy 6th on my list of surviving contestants.  It’s pretty hard to predict who will win but let’s give it a guess anyhow.  I’m still counting on Erika’s experience to help get her through any elimination zone contest she gets into. We’ve seen Katie, Tavis, Maki and Lexxy all do well in the elimination zone (Lexxy technically lost but did well enough to get brought back).  Hard to know how well Monica Ray and Abby will do but they have steep competition in the other remaining contestants.


  1. Erika Moen
  2. Katie Rice
  3. Tavis Maiden
  4. Maki Naro
  5. Lexxy Douglass
  6. Monica Ray
  7. Abby Howard

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